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International Storytelling Network (RIC)
International Storytelling Network (RIC)

"It’s a privilege to listen to your clever story weaving and to observe your skill in handling an audience." (Listener)

"Polished, pleasurable and professional."  (Audience member)


"It was everything we’d hoped for for the families and brilliant for the library staff who were able to participate." (Librarian)

"I felt like I was in the stories she told." (Pupil)
"I absolutely loved it and I would like it if you would come again." (Pupil)
"You teach us thinking." (Pupil)
 "Thank you for causing me to know what is in me."
(Teacher at the Institute of Education)

"Every time I listen to you share your stories and observations I feel so refreshed."
(Nursery School Head)

"The students are absolutely buzzing after your visits."

"What I found most inspiring was that you not only showed us what is possible, but that you elicited our own creativity."
(Workshop participant)

"You have a real gift of holding up a positive and beautiful mirror to us all! "

"As always what you said was ideally suited to the occasion."
(Conference organiser)

"I may find myself cribbing a few of your ideas!" (Junior pupil)
What I can do for you 
Please click on the headings below to find out more about what I can offer. Or contact me if you are thinking of something not covered here and I'll tell you if I can help you with it.

And please contact me directly by email or phone to hear my fees or discuss a booking.

Performance for adults or family audiences
Work with children and young people
Workshops, Courses and INSET for adults
Storytelling in the Community
Storytelling Consultancy

Performance for adults or family audiences


Contact me and I will specially design a concert of stories tailored to your requirements. Or choose from my tried and tested themes below. (There are others!) 
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  • A Christmas Gift
    My Christmas programme for adults and young people offers a magical mixture of tellings and readings - A Child's Christmas in Wales by Dylan Thomas, the hilarious Twelve Thank-You Notes of Christmas and other heart-warming seasonal tales.
  •  Shemi’s Tall Tales
    This humorous programme celebrates the stories and life of Shemi Wâd, the notable 19th century tall-tale teller from the area of Pembrokeshire where I was born and grew up. It is associated with my book, Shemi's Tall Tales.
  • Travels with my Welsh Aunt
    Poignant and hilarious by turns, this evening concert of stories and songs is based on the life and travels of my extraordinary Welsh aunt, Aunty Mali, and the different worlds to which she introduced me.
  • Burying the Cat
    This Brixton saga is a tribute to two extraordinary old sisters who lived in my street. Spiced with their own uniquely colourful language, it tells the tales of their everyday lives as well as some well-known and lesser-known folktales inspired by what happened to them
Click here to contact me for more details


Work with children and young people


Choose performance-based sessions where it's mainly me telling stories with audience participation. Or choose workshop sessions where storytelling from me is followed by related activities for participants. I am experienced with all ages and my work can be designed for different emphases:


  • speaking and listening
  • storytelling into storywriting
  • exploring particular themes (for example, space, water, local legends)
  • in Wales, working with Cwriciwlwm Cymreig [cliciwch yma]

Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements. If you have no other theme in mind, I will emphasise the unique features of oral tradition – that as human beings we are all storytellers. 

Training Workshops, Courses and INSET


The aim of my storytelling courses and workshops is to encourage all participants - teachers, student teachers, classroom assistants or Nursery staff - to develop storytelling without the book and consider the benefits of oral storytelling.
Courses may focus, for example, on speaking and listening methods to increase children’s confidence and abilities; developing children’s imagination through strategies such as visualisation; using oral storytelling to help develop children’s writing.

Some of my regular course titles are as follows: 

  • Storytelling in the Early Years
    The course shares a range of appropriate stories, chants and rhymes as well as exploring strategies for engaging and holding children’s attention.
  • Developing Children’s Speaking and Listening Through Oral Stories and Storytelling
    The focus is on helping children engage with stories through a variety of related activities such as story-mapping, story-boarding and retelling, all of which give opportunities for children to develop their speaking and listening abilities.
  • Exploring Local Legends
    Every area has its local legends. These can prove a great source of fascination for people of all ages. The course explores how to go about gathering examples of this kind of story, different ways to tell them and methods of sharing them with the wider community.

Please contact me directly to discuss what kind of course you would like.  

Storytelling in the Community

Whether it's a heritage group, a group of parents, adults with learning disabilities, elderly people or simply people keen on storytelling, storytelling workshops offer the chance to share and investigate many different kinds of stories. These may include local legends, personal and family stories or stories that can be created on the spot.

Community storytelling workshops can be designed around themes of your choice (for example, the magic of objects, journeys, gift-giving or the elements). The emphasis will always be on creativity and sharing.

Click here for a note on my recent work for Family Action.
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Conference-Speaking and talks

I love giving talks on storytelling. I can offer talks on aspects of my own storytelling experience such as my work on local legends. Or as a keynote speaker, I can offer a range of topics including

  • storytelling and creative writing,
  • storytelling in community and education
  • the art of storytelling


  • Please contact me for further information on any of the topics described above. 

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