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International Storytelling Network (RIC)

Open Secret:

"Atmospheric and empathetic, this is an intense and poetic novel."

Books for 9 - 12 year-olds,

Shemi's Tall Tales:

"I was struck by what a lovely little book it was to hold, read and possess..."

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My book, Storytelling and Story-Reading in Early Years, published by Jessica Kingsley, has received some nice reviews.

Here are two comments I very much appreciate:

“This is the book we’ve been waiting for! Everyone who believes that stories lie at the heart of young children’s learning now has this splendid resource to draw upon. The author distills a lifetime of sharing stories into nine practical chapters. Which story? Read or told? Learnt from memory? All this and much more, recounted with energy, enthusiasm and love.”  ~ Dr Hilary Minns, University of Warwick.

“A love of stories is one of the most important gifts we can give to our children and story-literacy is one of the most important and urgently needed tools for facing a world that is uncertain and ever-changing. Mary Medlicott is a powerful and passionate advocate for both storytelling and young children and this book, part manual and part manifesto, draws upon many years of experience as a storyteller, writer and educator.” ~ Michael Wilson, Professor of Drama, Loughborough University.

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"A gem of a book!"

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Comments and reviews

"This little book is a delight. It reflects a mind that's observant, inquisitive and alert to new discoveries, and a vivid, warm personality grateful for those small, simple pleasures that brighten our lives -- if we know how to appreciate them.” ~ Valerie Grove, journalist and author

“I'm savouring each story - just like unwrapping another Christmas chocolate - I'll just have one more...." ~ Hilary Minns, University of Warwick

“Each story has made so many pictures and provoked memories of my own.
I'm loving these little glimpses of people and encounters.” ~ Jean Edmiston, professional storyteller, Scotland

“We loved all those fruitful coincidences and the importance you place on words (of course!) and on friendship and the sheer pleasure taken in language and the telling of stories. It's a real gem of a book.” ~ Margaret Jull Costa, prize-winning translator

“A delight. Like having a box of impish insights perched by the bed. Each one playfully leads you wondering where it will go and satisfies the reader with a fulsome thoughtful ending. The work of a true storyteller, living her truth, writing her heart.I’m loving it. It’s inspiring me to think of all the little tales and happenings of my life which all have the epic sewn into them. A triumph.” ~ Sal Tonge, professional storyteller, UK

“It is clear that your Long Run is a work of art, Mary, and a very valuable book for all of us to have,not just storytellers, though you’ll doubtless find that many of your colleagues will be eternally grateful for it. So really I just want to say Congratulations and Thank you for the gift you’ve given us all.” ~ Larry Jenkins, music teacher

“My first impression was that I’d been given a big box of chocolates, all to myself! They all had different centres. I’ve savoured everyone of them, at least twice. These written versions of your personal stories have also challenged me to stand by the stories I tell, because of what they mean to me ... their values are part of me.” ~ Meg Philp, professional storyteller, Australia

Some more comments:

“I get goose-bumps from all your insights and the reminders of my own experiences! You are so lucky to still have so many memories, and to have the talent to express them so vividly.”

“You manage the shortness very impressively.”

“These stories illustrate the magic in everyday life which is all too easy to overlook; they reminded me to keep my eyes open for it. Wonderful!”

“The book is so entertaining to read and I loved it. Also I love the feel of the cover. A special place on my bookshelf.”

My other books and how to buy copies 
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Stories for Young Children and how to tell them!
The Little Book of Storytelling - telling stories in the Foundation Stage
Shemi's Tall Tales - stories for all the family
Elephant Luck - friendship across boundaries
Open Secret - a novel for young people
Tell It - a practical guide to Primary-age storytelling
The River that Went to the Sky - stories from Africa
Time for Telling - storytellers' tales from around the world

Stories for Young Children - and how to tell them!

Stories for Young Children and How to Tell Them! is a wonderful collection of stories and oral storytelling advice for Early Years practitioners, parents and carers.The emphasis is on creativity and enjoyment - getting children engaged and stimulating their thinking. The sound, practical guidance will help even the least confident to make the most of storytime.

Delightfully illustrated in full colour, the book contains a wide selection of traditional and original stories together with chants, rhymes and imagination games plus hints on telling and follow-up activities. Included is a CD of Mary telling all the stories with magical music by Bill Roberts.

Price: £19.99 (for book AND CD). To buy a copy, please click the Add to Cart button.

The Little Book of Storytelling

The Little Book of Storytelling is both popular and practical. It is just what you need if you’re interested in storytelling with young children. It provides all kinds of ideas and material for developing your skills – rhymes and chants, action stories, plans for making up new stories, a good selection of folktales, new stories for passing on, a wide range of follow-up activities to help children make the stories their own and, as if that wasn’t enough, a wealth of hints and tips to help you prepare and develop your storytelling.

The Little Book of Storytelling appears in the hugely popular Featherstone ‘Little Book’ series. Together with Cooking Up a Story, it won a silver medal at the Practical Pre-School Awards 2005. It is humorously illustrated by Martha Hardy.

Price: £8.99.To buy a copy please click the Add to Cart button.

Shemi's Tall Tales

Shemi Wâd – master of mischief and famously far-fetched tales - was a local legend in his time. Born in Fishguard, North Pembrokeshire, in 1815, he entertained all he met with his incredible stories. With heroic exploits involving giant crabs and right-angled rifles, and ending up as a human cannonball on numerous occasions, Shemi never failed to amuse his listeners.
Now with my retelling a new generation can enjoy his exploits. Shemi’s Tall Tales brings together 12 of his most entertaining, fanciful tales, along with a biography of the man himself, Pembrokeshire’s most famous fibber.
Shemi’s Tall Tales, published by PONT Books, is humorously and delightfully illustrated by Jac Jones, one of Wales’s best known illustrators.
Price: £8.99.To buy a copy please click the add to cart button.

Elephant Luck

When Catrin finds a secret box down the back seat of an old scrap car, she suspects someone has hidden it deliberately. Inside is a glass model of the Hindu god, Ganesh. Who could be the owner? Is there a clue in the mysterious letter hidden at the bottom of the box?

The story brings together two girls – Catrin from Fishguard and Sunita, an Asian girl who lives in Swansea but happens to be visiting her grandmother in Kenya as the story takes place. As the mystery unfolds, so their friendship develops despite highly contrasting cultures and backgrounds.

For teachers in Years 4 to 7, a full set of Teachers' Notes on class activities exploring the moral and cultural themes of the story is available for download.
Price: £4.99. To buy a copy please click the add to cart button.

Open Secret

Open Secret was partly inspired by the real-life saga of the eco-house builders at North Pembrokeshire’s Brithdir Mawr. Eco-awareness is a major theme. In the story, 12-year-old Charlie is taken to live in an idyllic but secret ‘new age’ settlement in the heart of Wales. He often seeks solace in the woods and the company of Megan, a local farmer’s daughter, and when social workers pay a visit, he runs away fearing he is to blame for blowing his community’s secret.

The story has a happy ending as Charlie’s reunion with the Greenland community creates new bridges with the local community. Cambrensis magazine described it as ‘… an ideal ‘class reader’ for top juniors and first-year secondary pupils.’

Kevin Crossley-Holland called Open Secret ‘a surging story shaped by ideals and friendship, desperation and courage, set not only in idyllic rural Wales but in that troubled area where the media invade private lives and sow dragon’s teeth.’

Price: £4.99. To buy a copy please click the add to cart button.

Tell It a practical guide to storytelling across the Primary age-range

Tell It is a 40-page guide on how to tell stories to children across the Primary age-range.
It was published under Mary's Storyworks imprint but is sadly now out of print.

Tales from Africa (originally published as The River that Went to the Sky)
Published by Kingfisher Books this collection is now out of print but is usually available on Amazon.

Time for Telling (in paperback as The King with Dirty Feet and The Big-Wide-Mouthed Toad-Frog)
Published by Kingfisher Books, this very popular collection of storytellers' stories was shortlisted for the Smarties Prize. It is also now out of print but is usually available through Amazon. ________________________________________________________________________________

Recently published stories of mine also feature in the following books:
'Dragon Pale' in Dragon Days (paintings by Brett Breckon), Pont Books
'The Moving, Sighing Statue' in A Gift for St David's Day (edited by Neil Nuttall), Pont Books 2007
'The Door in the Mountain' in The Gingerbread Man (compiled by Pie Corbett), Scholastic 2008
All of these can be acquired directly from the publishers. Click on their names.
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