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Making the Day

You can listen to Making the Day one of the stories from A Long Run in Short Shorts,

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To listen to the Little Red Monkey from my CD

- preceded by the counting chant

Five Little Monkeys

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The music is by Bill Roberts

The Enormous Cabbage is just one of the stories from my most recent book Shemi's Tall Tales (Pont Books).
Click on the arrow below and you can hear me telling that story.


Stories for Young Children - and how to tell them! is my book of stories, rhymes and chants for using with young children. It includes tips for telling and suggested follow-up activities plus a CD of me telling the stories and rhymes. The delightful musical accompaniment on the CD is by musician Bill Roberts.

Listen to one of the tracks from the CD. First  comes me telling the traditional story poem, Where's the Sun? (words below). Then comes my story, The Yellow Blob:
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                      Where's the Sun?
What's in there?

                                  Gold and money                   

 Where's my share?

                                  Mousie ran away with it        

Where's the mousie?

                                  In her housie


Where's her housie?

                                  In the wood


Where's the wood?

                                  Fire burned it

Where's the fire?

                                  Water put it out


Where's the water?

                                  Brown bull drank it


Where's the brown bull?

                                  Back o' Burnie's hill


Where's Burnie's hill?

                                  All covered in snow     

Where's the snow?

                                  Sun melted it


Where's the sun?

                                  HIGH, HIGH, UP IN THE SKY

Here's another track from my CD.

First comes an action chant - What to do with a piece of cloth. That's followed by the story of The Naughty Little Mouse.
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