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International Storytelling Network (RIC)

Coincidences, extraordinary encounters - such
stories, Mary writes “move deeper and deeper inside you
until they feel like they’ve always been there, part of the core of your being, the tilth of your earth after raking.”

"Shemi was a complete delight. It was an object lesson in how to engage children as well as a feast of story for adult ears." - Marion Leeper, Bridge of Tales Storytelling Festival, Cambridge

"What a cracking little book!!!"

My new book, Storytelling and Story-Reading in Early Years, published by Jessica Kingsley, is now out.

Review in Child in Our Midst Newsletter by Mary Hawes:

"This readable, practical book not only provides tools for getting the best out of storytelling and reading sessions, but encourages parents to tell the stories of their family to their children. There's even tools to help you deal with the horror of forgetting the story you're telling! Well worth having on your bookshelf (but don't leave it there - read and reread it!).

"What a cracking little book!!!!"


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Latest post in my Storyworks Blog
Storytelling Starters ~Making memories

“We never thought of telling him a story”: the comment came from a smiling young couple with a boy in a pushchair after a talk I’d given at a nursery school. It will always ring in my mind. Stories, memories, family tales: they are not always happy but they are always important. Going on holiday As for actual events … well, by the time you read this blog, dear reader, I will be in Corfu. Hooray! A whole week’s holiday, hopefully in lovely warm sun. The weather forecast for Corfu seems pretty confident it’s going to be glorious there. But whatever the weather it’ll be time to read, swim, lie about, be reminded of the taste of ouzo and perhaps make one or two forays to admire the scenery. 

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And now some news of myself 
I'm a professional storyteller and author. I used to experience some difficulty moving from one to the other. Now I find they enhance each other. Like my last book, A Long Run In Short Shorts, my new one is also a product of both ways of doing things. Due out on March 21st, Storytelling and Story-Reading in Early Years is based on a great deal of experience of working with the 2-5 age-group as well as with nursery staff. It comes from Jessica Kingsley Publishers, price £14.95, and its emphasis throughout is on the enormous value and pleasure of doing stories with young children.  

A Long Run In Short Shorts was published by Storyworks Press, the new press my husband Paul and I created for the purpose. It consists of 40 short personal tales and I must admit it has brought a wonderfully appreciative response from many who've bought it. Some of its stories are ones I'd previously told on storytelling occasions or to friends. Others I'd never told before. My prompt to write it was an out-of-the-blue email from someone wanting London stories for an online magazine. Although I replied, I got no further response. But by then, all kinds of  memories had flooded into my mind - London encounters, coincidence tales, wise things people have said. The foreword to what resulted explains why the number of stories stops at 40. The book could have been a whole lot longer.

A Long Run in Short Shorts embodies one of the beliefs at the heart of my Storyworks philosophy, namely the value and interest of the personal tale both for us as individuals and as part of social communication. Storytelling and Story-Reading in Early Years looks at the value for young children of the full range of tales - new ones, old ones, personal ones as well as those you can make up on the spot. More details later on how to get a copy.  

On the storytelling side of my life, I'm currently preparing for several visits to schools during March as well as for  a talk to students at Warwick University on 3rd March. With luck, I'll help inspire some of them to try storytelling for themselves.

I'm also starting to think with my husband Paul about the next Enchanted Evening performances of songs and stories we're planning to do at Peppers the arts venue with a splendid cafe in my native Fishguard. Paul sings the songs, I tell the stories and David Pepper is the pianist. Our previous shows have been a great success with our audiences and a pleasure for us to perform. We're looking forward to the next.  .


I'd also like to draw your attention to my Storyworks Blog, part of which appears at the top of this website. I publish a new posting each Saturday and it delights me to say that I have subscribers as far afield as Australia and India. If you wish, you can easily become a regular (and free) subscriber yourself - see where to sign in on the blog itself - and I'd be delighted to welcome you there.

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