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Coincidences, extraordinary encounters - such
stories, Mary writes move deeper and deeper inside you
until they feel like theyve always been there, part of the core of your being, the tilth of your earth after raking.

"Shemi was a complete delight. It was an object lesson in how to engage children as well as a feast of story for adult ears." - Marion Leeper, Bridge of Tales Storytelling Festival, Cambridge

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How strange it felt to be writing this weeks blog with a pen on a piece of paper. Normally, Id have been typing it straight into my computer, first as an ordinary Word document which, after being corrected and adjusted, would then get transferred into Blog format. But, silly me, I managed to leave my computer behind in Wales when we set out back to London earlier this week. Even now, it must be languishing in the sitting room there, wondering where on earth I am. At the same time as feeling quite sorry for it, I also think it was probably good for me to have had to write my thoughts by hand before borrowing Pauls computer to type them up. Good because, before typewriters and computers came into my life, handwriting was what there was and I used to enjoy it, still do on those ever rarer occasions when I actually put pen to paper. At primary school we were well-trained. Marion Richardson style, wed be rounding our a shapes, looping the upper end of every h, all of us creating the very recognisable handwriting of the Welsh primary classroom.

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And now some news of myself 
Early in 2019 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Its the fourth cancer I have experienced and dealing with it has monopolised my year. But there have been any number of good things too. Ive kept on writing my weekly blog, receiving lots of lovely responses from readers. Also Ive put together a new book. This time its a collection of short pieces of fiction by myself. Its entitled The Uses of a and other Stories and it will be out by the end of the year. More details soon.  

My most recent book,  Storytelling and Story-Reading in Early Years is published by Jessica Kingsley, price £14.95 and it's available from this website. It draws on the considerable amount of work with Early Years children that I've done in the course of my 30-plus years in storytelling. Its emphasis throughout is on the enormous importance and pleasure of storytelling with this age-group.  

My previous book, A Long Run In Short Shorts, consists of 40 short personal tales. In the months since it was published, it has brought a wonderfully appreciative response from readers. Some of its stories I've told in storytelling performance. Others I'd not told before. They draw on a wide range of memories - strange coincidences, childhood experiences, encounters with wonderful people, wise things people have said. All are an affirmation of the value I attach to the stories we have within us. The book is self-published by Storyworks Press and, like Shemi's Tall Tales and various other books I've  published, it is available from this website.

For a full list of my publications, including my children's novels and books on storytelling with children, please click on Buy my books in the menu on the left hand side of this website. 

Steve, Paul and Mary

On the storytelling side of my life, I'm currently making preparations for my contribution to the next Raising Cash for Crisis #5 event being given by my husband Paul and pianist Steve Copeland on November 24th. Paul will be singing a variety of songs, I'll be doing some readings and we'll be singing a duet. The event will happen at Omnibus Theatre in Clapham staring at 5.30. If you're in the area, do come along. Instead of selling tickets, we will be asking for donations of £10 upwards. If you can't come but would like to make a donation, let me know and I'll tell you how. 

Another important part of my working life is Storytelling Starters. This is my Storyworks Blog. It's published every week on Saturdays and, as you may have noticed,  a small part of the week's offering always appears at the top of this website. The blog brings you stories for all ages, thoughts about stories in my storytelling life and a very big and  useful archive. You can easily become a regular (and free) subscriber and I'd be delighted to welcome you there, joining subscribers from as afar afield as Scotland, India, Australia and New Zealand. See where to sign in on the blog itself. 

For further information on my storytelling career, including the Lifetime Achievement Award I was given in 2013 by BASE (British Awards for Storytelling Excellence) please click on Read more about me. And to know more about what I can offer you, whether it's a performance, a workshop or a school visit, please click on What I Can Do For You.

And do please contact me if you'd like any further information about my work.   
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